Tech Events

Tech Events are make us create good skills and hands on real time working and experience Tech knowledge.

Programming Events

programming events held all around the world in some specific periods, check out every link below .

Google Summer of Code

A global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development.

Google CodeJam

Google’s largest coding competition.

Google Kickstart

Many online rounds to give students the opportunity to develop their coding skills and pursue a career at Google.

Google HashCode

Programming competition organized by Google for students and industry professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The International Collegiate Programming Contest is an algorithmic programming contest for college students.

Facebook HackerCup

Annual programming contest organized by Facebook.

List of Open Source Internship Programs

Includes Rails Girls Summer of Code and Outreachy.


Organized by Digital Ocean in October.


Annual 24 hour long team contest for IEEE members.

DMOJ: Modern Online Judge

contest platform and archive of programming problems


An event in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming, check out the links below


Online or in-person hackathons browsing platform.

Browse in-person hackathons.


List of upcoming hackathons.


Hackathon planning organization.


HackMIT is a weekend-long hackathon that hosts thousands of students from around the world each year.


Virtual conference where you can learn from the world’s most renowned programmers.

Major League Hacking Event Page

A list of a ton of events that are sponsored by the official hackathon league

Microsoft Imagine Cup

Bring your tech idea to life with the Imagine Cup and make a difference through creativity, collaboration, and competition.


HackZurich is the largest and most prestigious hackathon in Europe.

NASA International Space Apps Challenge

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge is the largest global hackathon and one of the best hackathons in the world. 


MHacks is a hackathon run by the University of Michigan on a sem-annual basis. The event lasts for 36 hours and is open to students globally.

Hack The North

Hack The North is Canadas largest hackathon; held by the University of Waterloo. The competition includes 3,000 top students from around the globe and is held over a 36 hour period.


LA Hacks is the largest hackathon in Southern California.

analytics vidyantic hackathons

Analytics Vidhya hackathons are an excellent opportunity for anyone who is keen on improving and testing their data science skills