Tech Info

Here are some Technology related information and resources, check the links below.

Open Source

Open source is source code that is made freely available for possible modifications and redistribute.

Up For Grabs

Start exploring open source projects and get involved in them.

24 Pull Requests

Yearly initiative to encourage developers to send 24 pull requests during December.


Similar to 24PullRequests, gives swag for 4 accepted pull requests.


Non-profit providing tools for new open source contributors.

First Timers Only

Beginners-friendly open source projects.

Your First PR

Helps you make a contribution by showcasing great starter issues on Github.

Awesome For Beginners

 A list of awesome beginners-friendly projects.


 Pick your favorite projects to receive a different issue in your inbox every day.

Open Source Friday

Helps you find a project to contribute to.


Massive Open Online Courses some are free and paid, check the links below.


Free and paid online classes.


Courses from schools and universities like Stanford and Yale.


Online learning and teaching platform.


 Free online courses from institutions like Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and more.


Online learning platform for coding.


Browse and learn with free MIT courses’ material.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Free courses on IT basic concepts and Microsoft products and services.

Awesome Courses

List of awesome university courses for learning Computer Science

Linkedin Learning

Online learning platform.

Stanford Online

Stanford’s courses platform.


Paid learning platform made to help you build your career or land a job.

Khan Academy

Free online learning platform.


Learn coding from the ground up for free!! (also available on android)

Y Combinator

Learn how engineering works at a Y Combinator startup

Free courses from the University of Helsinki’s Department of Computer Science.